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FANDEZ Gourmet, artisan company located in the heart of Aliste, privileged natural enclave, formed by a large forest mass, surrounded by mountain ranges, valleys and places of incalculable ecological value and fortunate for its extraordinary mycological richness, begun in success since 1982, with Mara Blanco and Manuel Fandez, pioneers of the sector in the province of Zamora.

In this incomparable context, it begins its activity with the export of fresh product to different EU countries. Immediately it increases its activity with different processes of elaboration like the quick-frozen, the dehydrated and the artisans preserved.

In 1996 he received the "Mercury Prize 1996 to the best merchant of the year". Recognizing its good beginnings.

In 2012 at the "III International Congress of Mycology 2012" the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y Len gives a sincere tribute to Manuel Fandez Rivas, founder of FANDEZ Gourmet thanking him for his enormous work in favor of mycology.

To this day, we are proud of the route and, as a tribute to the creators, FANDEZ Gourmet continues to walk with firmness and conviction, adapting to the new challenges and trends of the current market, protected by the distinctions of “Tierra de Sabor” (Land of Flavor) in Castilla y Len and "MG Mushrooms of Castilla y Len" we continue to be specialists in the collection and processing of mushrooms and fruits of our forests.

A totally natural and artisan elaboration, treated with care by expert hands, coupled with the wisdom of nature from which these jewels of our gastronomy, guarantee of our quality.

As specialists in distribution to the hostelry industry, once again, we are proud that our exclusive products are distributed and tasted in the best hotels, catering, restaurants and delicatessen shops. And now also closer to you, through our Online Store so that you enjoy the excellence of our forests and give a touch enriching and different to your dishes, a pleasure for the senses. Dare to amaze!

C/ El Salvador, 5.
49519 Rabanales - Zamora. Espaa
Tel. +34 980 681 866 -
pedidos@faundez.com / info@faundez.com


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