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Mycology as an excuse to visualize the valuable resources of Tbara and Aliste

Mycology as an excuse to visualize the valuable resources of Tbara and Aliste

New appointment with mycology. For the fourth consecutive year, the counties of Tbara and Aliste, in addition to the Sierra de la Culebra, participate in the Mycological Days. A few days that year after year are gaining adherents and are becoming a referent at the provincial level and also, little by little, at the regional level and even national level. And is that producers and innkeepers of the area regret that up to now it has not been possible to sell correctly one of the main values ​​that these regions have: mushrooms.

In this way, nine restaurants in these regions participate in the conference by making available to the diners special menus for 20 euros. Some menus in which not only the mushrooms will be present, but also the wild resources and the meats of quality. In addition, this year the organization has decided to plan parallel activities as routes for groups in the countryside to know how to find and differentiate mushrooms, and workshops for children. The activities and the gastronomic offer will begin this same weekend and will extend until the 27 of November, every weekend.

"The objective of these days is not so much in the mycology, but in that Aliste, Tbara and Sierra de la Culebra are known as a tourist and gastronomic destination. With the difficulties that we find in the rural environment it is basic that the professionals we unite to fight and to keep alive the towns. We have natural resources of first order and exceptional gastronomic quality with mushrooms, wild products, meat ... We want people to come to know us and become a brand with prestige to value all the resources we have, "said Enrique Laorden, Responsible for the camping Sierra de la Culebra.

Finally, about the mycological campaign, the experts commented that it is starting a bit late, but expectations are good if the temperature is maintained, the rains appear and do not freeze in the coming weeks.

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