Chocolate and chestnuts Cake

Ingredients (for a 20cm mold)
✔️1 Kg of Authentic Castaas de Faundez Gourmet
✔️500 ml of whole milk
✔️200 g of butter at room temperature
✔️200 g of sugar
✔️1 70% dark chocolate bar without added sugar
✔️6 sheets of gelatin
✔️1 glass of water
✔️1 pinch of salt
For the base
✔️200 g of cookies Mara
✔️100 g of butter at room temperature
To decorate
✔️ Faundez Gourmet Strawberries
Preparation mode
👉Clean the cookies and mix with the butter to form a dough. We line the mold with baking paper and put the dough as the base of the cake. We booked in the fridge.
We chew the chestnuts.
👉 We put gelatine leaves in cold water to hydrate.
👉In a pot we put the milk to boil, when it is boiling we toss the chestnuts and the pinch of salt, let it cook over medium heat for 30 minutes.
👉Add the chocolate in pieces and stir until it falls apart. Remove from heat and add the hydrated gelatine leaves.
👉 We mix the butter with the sugar and when we make a cream we add to the rest of the ingredients.
👉Batimos with a robot or blender until a cream is made.
👉Let the dough in the mold, based on cookies and let cool in the refrigerator for 12 hours. I leave it from one day to the next.
👉Cuit the mold, the paper from the oven and decorate with raspberries.
And to enjoy!!

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