Fabes with Butirarra y Boletus

✔️500 gr of fabes
✔️2 carrots.
✔️1 tomato.
✔️1 onion.
✔️2 cloves of garlic
✔️1 ora (red pepper)
✔️1 bay leaf
✔️1 bone of Iberian ham
✔️ Mineral water
End of the stew:
✔️2 small butifarras
✔️200 gr de boletus https://www.faundez.com/es/productos/detalles/boletus-edulis-extra-p-ultracongelado/22
✔️2 tablespoons of oil (paprika optional)
Preparation mode
👉 We put the first ingredients in a casserole wide enough so that they are not very crowded.
👉 Cover with mineral water and cook on low heat, until the fabes are at their point ... (ideally frighten them from time to time, adding a tad of cold water to cut the boil).
👉 Once cooked, remove the vegetables and grind (not all) with some of the broth and add them to the stew (previously cast), along with the saffron (toasted).
👉 Put the oil in a pan and cook the sausage in thick slices.
We remove them and add the cutlets in two formats; a few small cubes to mix with the stew and a "quarter" to finish the plating.
👉 We mix the sausage and the boletus sauted with the "guisote" and check that the broth is to our liking. If we want to thicken it a tad, we take out a couple of tablespoons of fabes, we crush them and add them again; With a couple of "wrist beats" we'll see that it "locks up" right away.
👉We put on salt and pepper.
Voil! bon apptit 😋😋

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