Morel with foie and eggs


✔️ 25 g dehydrated morels Faundez Gourmet
✔️ 3 eggs
✔️ 60 g foie
✔️ 1 shallot
✔️ 100 ml cream
✔️ 200 ml of poultry broth
✔️ Chives

Preparation mode

👉 Boil the eggs for 40 minutes in a pot with water at 65 degrees of temperature.
👉Summer the morels in water during the same cooking time as the eggs (40 minutes).
👉 Cream the foie in a pot.
👉 Cut the shallots into small pieces and add them to the pot next to the foie. When the shallot is golden, add also the broth of the bird and the morones.
👉Bake the cream in a bowl until it is semi-fitted. Add a tablespoon of cream to the pot and stir.
👉Emplatar on a flat plate. Put the mushrooms as a base and the poached egg on them. Add the chopped chives on the preparation.

😋🍄 Bon apptit !!!

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