Quick-Frozen Boletus Group I Edulis

B. Edulis, B. Pincola, B. Aereus, B. Aestivalis Ref.: 200

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FAUNDEZ GOURMET propose also a special selection of young fungus with the best Price.(B. Edulis, B. Pincola, B. Aereus, B. Aestivalis)

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Quick-frozen products can be mix in the same consigment with dehydrated fungus but never with fresh or preserved products, in this case we consider a diferent consigment.

Quick-Frozen Boletus Group I Edulis

BOLETUS EDULIS(penny bun, cep,porcinoorporcini)
Excellence, consistent meet.
Oak, chestnut, pine and rockrose forests.
SEASON: Spring and Autumn.

HOW TO COOK:Is not necessary unfreeze, can be include directly in your recipes. Widely used like garniture.

FAUNDEZ GOURMEToffer the luxury of BOLETUS in dozens of posibilities for your recipes, like our IQF quick-frozen BOLETUS, quallity guarantee, preserve all its properties, saving time and effort. Is not necessary unfreeze completely, when its consistency allow cut them are will be ready.Another special and exclusive selection of BOLETUS natives that FAUNDEZ GOURMET selected for you, is one of our specialities.You choose and FAUNDEZ GOURMET satisfies your selection, because our BOLETUS makes the difference. We are the most awarded company of the sector.

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